Earning Our Reputation as an Industry Leader.

In 1978, Structural Research Inc. (SRI) was founded in Madison, Wisconsin as a company primarily focused on structural research and design. In the late 1970s and early 1980s SRI became increasingly involved in roofing and waterproofing research and design. Through the turn of the century SRI built on this foundation, expanding staff and expertise into all areas of the building envelope. In 2003 SRI began to add offices in other metropolitan areas. Today SRI has offices in Madison, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago.

At the heart of SRI is one of the founders, Rene Dupuis. Dr. Dupuis has been active in the commercial roofing industry since the 1970s. He has published over 100 articles and papers on structural engineering issues, teaches at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, sits on several key industry technical committees, has received many distinguished awards and routinely provides expert witness services in the areas of structural engineering, architectural engineering, inspection and building envelope analysis. His keen observation, engineering skill and unwavering professionalism have driven the philosophy and success of SRI.